TSG Case Studies

The case histories that follow provide a first hand look at how some of our research techniques have helped our clients to improve their market positions. If you have any questions on a specific project, or how we solved the problem, please contact us for more information.

Computer Publication Enhanced Ad Sales Potential

A computer technology publication's readership base consisted of paid subscribers to the publication, as well as a significant number of newsstand buyers. A considerable amount of information had been compiled on the publication's subscriber base and advertising sales strategies, to date, were based on these "subscriber" demographics and buying behavior. Little was known however, about the publication's newsstand buyer characteristics. An opportunity existed to expand advertising sales based upon the additional buying potential represented by these newsstand buyers.

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Business Graphics Software Product Improvement

The market position of a leader in the business presentation graphics software category was becoming vulnerable due to strong competitive product inroads. Sales trends had been declining for some time and recent product upgrades had failed to turn the declining trend around. From its introduction, the client's product had been positioned as the "state-of-the art" graphics package.

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Computer Support Services Market Opportunity

Due to the increased decentralization of traditional MIS functions and the continued shortages of in-house manpower, significant growth is projected for the computer support services market. A hardware vendor, in an attempt to capitalize on the expanding market, needed to better understand the dynamics of the services marketplace and develop appropriate marketing strategies.

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Consumer Promotion Effectiveness

A major fast food company had any number of promotional strategies that they could employ when deciding to promote various sandwich items. For example, the sandwich could be included as part of an overall meal, (hamburger, fries and a Coke), and the entire meal discounted. The individual sandwich itself could be discounted. Another menu item, such as fries or a soda, could be offered for free in connection with the purchase of the sandwich. The promotional possibilities went on and on.

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The Optimal Pricing Strategy

The market leader in a category of shelf-stable convenience foods was about to launch a major packaging improvement and needed to determine how consumers would react to the improvement if coupled with a concurrent price increase.

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