Research Methodologies

The Strategy Group is at the forefront of a new generation of technology-based consumer information resources that give you better and more reliable answers to your business development questions.

Our research services include both qualitative and quantitative research techniques designed to provide you with a research solution "customized" to your strategic marketing issue.

Qualitative Services

We provide a total "turn-key" solution to your focus group research needs including discussion guide development, respondent recruitment, facility arrangements, special audio and video requirements, group moderation, transcription services, and analysis and report preparation.

Quantitative Services

Our quantitative research services include the most up-to-date data collection techniques including computer assisted telephone interviewing, PC-based personal mall intercepts, mail, mail plus internet, disk-based mail surveys, 1-800 number automated interviewing techniques and email/Internet/WWW surveys.

Computer Assissted Telephone Interviewing - CATI

Our project directors thoroughly debug all of our CATI programs prior to the start of fieldwork. Pretest interviews are conducted on each telephone survey to identify any potential problems prior to the start of fieldwork. The first days work for each interviewer working on a survey is monitored for quality control.

ePhone Surveys

The Strategy Group has pioneered the use of the Internet in conjunction with conducting telephone interviews that require the use of visual stimuli such as product concept descriptions, advertising storyboards, print ads and product visualizations. Ads, product descriptions etc., are posted to our website. The respondent is screened via telephone for having internet access at the time of the interview and then given the web address where the visuals are displayed. The telephone interview is conducted while the respondent views the visual stimulus online.

Online Surveys / eSurveys

The Strategy Group has pioneered the application of eSurveys to traditional types of advertising, concept and product research, by utilizing the multimedia capabilities of the world wide web.

The Strategy Group offers a full range of online survey methodologies ranging from one-page email surveys to the most sophisticated multivariate research. Unlike most online research, The Strategy Group goes to extra lengths to give your survey the "look" and "feel" of your company's website, producing higher response rates and better quality data.

We have experience with all forms of survey recruitment, ranging from email invitations containing "hot links" to your survey, randomized pop-up invitations on your website for increased reliability and projectability and website banner buttons for continuous data retrieval.

Traditional Survey Methodologies

In addition to providing expertise in leading edge eResearch services, TSG continues to offer our clients a level of excellence in conducting the more traditional survey methodologies including...

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