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The Strategy Group offers a full range of operational capabilities including centralized telephone interviewing, focus group facilities, strategic statistical data analysis and data processing resources. Through our extensive network of internal and external resources, The Strategy Group is capable of conducting large or small, quick turnaround research projects, economically, on a domestic or international basis.

Our research services include both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Our in-house qualitative services utilize the latest one-on-one or focus group interviewing techniques. Our quantitative research services include the most up-to-date data collection techniques including telephone, personal, mail, PC-based disk surveys, 1-800 number automated interviewing techniques and email/Internet/WWW surveys.

The Strategy Group is also an innovator in the design, application and interpretation of advanced statistical techniques to help companies make improved tactical business decisions. TSG can employ any number of proven analytical research methodologies designed to give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Strategy Group is a marketing consulting/market research company that helps guide your business through all phases of planning and development.
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